The Design Departments’ story began with our current creative director, Joseph Abarado, being an active member of the local church, giving his time as part of the Mass Media team. He provided graphic design work and built valuable connections that led to professional work and eventually enabled him to establish Design Departments on Upwork, turning his passion into an actual business.

Since our founding in 2011, Design Departments has been working with clients in building their digital presence and expanding their business. Our client range is vast and includes startups, industry titans, and everything in between. We use design thinking-based solutions and technology-driven services that are proven effective to provide you with the best possible service.

To continue honoring our humble beginnings and giving back to the community that helped us grow, the members of the Design Departments team continue to be active members of the church and continue to support the church the best way we can.


To be one of the best design agencies globally. The Design Departments aim not only to help our clients but also our team by helping them grow in their respective career paths. Incorporating our core beliefs, we uphold passion, mission, vocation, and profession.


The Design Departments’ mission is to provide quality service by transforming their businesses into successful endeavors. Transitioning and creating more work opportunities for others through design.


To stay as competitive as ever in the design field, the Design Department has adopted the Ideo Design Thinking process to solve design-related problems. The agency believes that designers should understand their customers and the problems they are facing before creating solutions.

This has proven to be successful throughout all the agency’s multiple projects, big and small. It is also through this process that the agency has now achieved a “100% Job Success” score rating on the Upwork platform.